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Usage Management Information

Each time you view a web page, send an email, watch a movie or communicate with someone over the Internet, this causes data to be sent and received from your service. All of our services have a data quota and this usage will contribute to your data quota.

In recognitation of this, we have provided a guide for end users to understand how typical Internet activities will contribute to their usage. This allows cusotmers to understand how their behavior and utilisation will contribute to their quota utilisation.

Please note that one gigabyte is equal one thousand megabytes.

    • Watch a 60 minutes of Netflix at high definition: 1.5 gigabytes (1500 megabytes)
    • Watch a 5-minute Youtube video: 4 megabytes
    • Rent a 120 minute movie on iTunes: 1 gigabyte (1000 megabytes)
    • Download a 5-minute song from iTunes: 5 megabytes
    • Send an email with two large photos taken on an iPhone 5: 5 megabytes
    • Visit the home page of a newspaper website: 1 megabyte