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Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Answers

Q. What billing methods do you support?  

A. We support monthly credit or debit card billing or direct deposit. If you select monthly debit/credit card billing, we will charge your card the nominated subscription fee each month on your anniversary date until you notify us that you wish to close your account.

If you select direct deposit, you must deposit six months worth of subscription fee into our bank account. This is different from direct debit - you must deposit the funds from your account, we do not withdraw them. When depositing funds into our account you must include your customer number in the description or comments field of your Internet banking application. If you are depositing funds at a bank branch, you must fax, email or mail us the deposit slip.

Once you have deposited funds in our account, you must notify us by email. At the five month mark, if you would like to continue using our service, you must deposit another six months worth of subscription fees into our account. Unless your account is under contract, this process does not constitute a contract.

If you cancel your service, we will refund you any remaining credit in your account.

We require six months of up-front payment due to bank fees incurred when a direct deposit is made.It is your responsibility to keep your account in credit. Further, we can not refund any payments without a customer number or other personal identification.

Q. What can I do with the 'My Account' system?  

A. If you login with your 8-digit customer number, you can change passwords for all accounts, view your account status, update your credit card details, view tax invoices, view your account balance and add new mailboxes.

If you login with your subscription username, you can change the password for that subscription, view dial-in or broadband usage, view your mailbox usage, change service parameters, etc.

Q. How do I cancel my service?  

A. Please login to 'My Account' with your customer number and select the cancel subscription option. You can cancel one or more subscriptions associated with your account using this web page. You will be prompted for details regarding your cancellation as appropriate. You can also cancel your service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week using our automated telephone based service with your customer number. For security reasons, we do not accept cancellation requests by email.

Q. When will I be billed?  

A. You will be billed in advance each month on your account anniversary. Your account anniversary is the day of the month you signed up. If you signed up on the 5th, then we will bill you on the 5th of every month. If you signed up on any date after or including the 28th, we will bill you on the 28th of each month.

Q. I just made a direct deposit payment, how can I check you've received it?  

A. Ensure that your payment is always made with your 8-digit customer number in the transaction description. If making a cash deposit, ensure the teller does this for you. You can see your account balance in real time by logging into the 'my account' section of our website with your 8-digit customer number and password. It usually takes between 1-3 business days to process a direct deposit payment.

Q. How do I change my plan?  

A. If you wish to change plan, simply login to the 'My Account' section of our website with your 8-digit customer number and password. Click the 'Change Plan' option. Select the appropriate subscription and new plan and follow the prompts. You will be provided a confirmation screen before the plan change is actioned.

If you wish to upgrade to ADSL or 3G wireless from dial-up, please use our online upgrade pages linked at the bottom of each product page.

Processing time for plan changes:

  • Fixed line broadband plan changes on the same line speed occur instantly and all charges are pro-rated
  • Fixed line broadband plan changes with a different line speed occur in 1-3 business days and all charges are pro-rated
  • Fixed line broadband upgrades to a bundle take 3-5 business days and all charges are pro-rated
  • Wireless broadband upgrades are scheduled for the 1st of each month and all charges are pro-rated. You must contact us at least three business days before the end of the month to make any plan changes for the next month.