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Beagle's service is provided using equipment located across Australia and the USA.

Beagle's main data centre is located in Sydney where core services such as email, billing, authentication and web hosting are located. Our standard server platform is the HP D-series servers running GNU/Linux. Each server is dual-homed and connected to a fully redundant meshed switching fabric based on Cisco Catalyst switches.

Email pre-processing for Spam and viruses is performed at our point of presence in Miami, Florida where the necessary bandwidth and computational is available in an effective manner to deal with the large volumes of Spam.

Our network services are deployed and managed in Sydney. Our 3G wireless, ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband services terminate in Sydney.

All services utilise dual-homed redundant connectivity to multiple upstreams. Our connectivity to the DSLAM access network is via carrier grade diverse path Ethernet. Connectivity to upstream IP networks is via dual homed gigabit Ethernet connections.

Our dial services utilise two separate numbers and networks for redundancy and service continuity.