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Security Policy

It is ultimately your responsibility to keep your identity, passwords and computer secure. Our Acceptable Use Policy which forms part of our Business Terms places certain obligations on you to do so. In particular, you are liable for any use of your service which might arise as a result of a breach of the security of your computer or home network.

However, we recognise that it is important that you have the relevant information and tools available to keep your service secure.

Keep yourself secure

In recognitation of this, we offer the following information:

  • WiFi Security: You MUST utilise WPA2 security on any 802.11 WiFi network you expose while utilising our service. You MUST utilise a strong password to prevent access to your WiFi network of unauthorised persons. We recommend utilising MAC filtering to only allow authorised devices on your network. Please contact your WiFi device manaufacturer on how to implement MAC filtering.
  • Password: You must never reveal your password to anyone. You should not ever disclose your password over email as it is an insecure communication method. If you forget your password, you can recover it by SMS text message using the tools on our website.
  • Firewall: A firewall is a device or software which prevents hosts on the Internet from unsolicited contact to your computer. Every ADSL and NBN router has an in-build firewall. We also offer a 'Secure 3G' and 'Secure Dial-up' product which performs the Firewall function in our network so you need not install any software. We recommend all utilise a router or our network based Firewall rather than Firewall software.
  • Anti-Virus: Anti-Virus applications are available to prevent installation of unauthorised software on your computer which may damage your computer or reveal your private information to 3rd parties. We scan all inbound email fomr viruses before delivering them to your mailbox. Much of the anti-virus software available is poorly written and often causes problems with computers (such as blocking access to the Internet) so care must be taken when using these applications. We recommend the Sophos anti-virus suite of software which we find as most reliable.

How we keep you secure

In recognitation of this, we offer the following information:

  • Authentication: We only permit you to transact on your account if you know your password or have a secret code that only you will know. We also use a form of two factor authentication to recover your password.
  • Authorisation: We only permit you to transact on your account once authenticated. We also accept authorised advocates or representitives subject to the limit of their authority. We only accept authorised representitives and advocates if they have supplied a duly executed form witnessed by a suitable professional such as lawyer or police officer.