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Copyright Infringement Policy

Beagle is required by section 116AH of the Copyright Act to adopt and enforce a Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy.

Our Terms and Conditions provide us with provision to terminate a customer's subscription if there are any material breaches of our Acceptable Use policy. Our Acceptable Use Policy includes provisions that forbid a customer for using their service in any unlawful conduct of any kind. This includes Copyright Infringement.

You are deemed to have committed a copyright infringement if:

  • You have a service with us
  • A third party asserts that your service has been used to commit copyright infringement.
  • There is evidence that your service has been used to commit copyright infringement. This includes but is not limited to a court ruling, a statutory declaration from the copyright holder or their representative or any other notice, demand, evidence that law permits us to rely upon as proof of copyright infringement.

If we receive notification of an infringement, we will:

  • Notify you of the particulars of the infringement to your nominated contact email address
  • Keep a copy of the infringement
If in the process of notifying you, we find that you have had three (3) other copyright infringement in the past, we will send you a notice of termination. You have seven (7) days to show due cause why your service should not be terminated. If your service is still under any contractual obligation, you will be liable for all such payments and/or obligations.

All correspondence sent to Beagle in relation to the notification of alleged copyright infringement should be addressed to Beagle's designated representative under the Copyright Act:

Designated Representative:
Title: Copyright Infringement Officer
Address: PO BOX A2279, Sydney South, NSW 1235
Email: abuse@beagle.com.au