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Fair Use Policy

This is the Our Fair Usage Policy. It applies to the Mobile Voice Service as applicable to you, the individual user. The phrase 'Our network' refers to any carrier network used for the delivery of mobile GSM, UMTS or LTE services to our customers.

A. General

  1. This policy aims to ensure we are able to provide quality mobile services to all of our customers and no customers are disadvantaged by the behaviour of others.
  2. This policy applies where there is a level of free time on calls, or flat charge for part or all of a call or where there is unlimited use of calls or messaging whether in connection with a specific promotion or Offer, or a generally available Offer.

B. Excessive Use

  1. We may determine that you are an excessive user and therefore in breach of our Fair Use Policy if your usage is not consistent with a single natural person utilising the service for personal or business use. Example behaviours likely to constitute excessive use include but are not limited to:
    1. You wholesale a service (including transit, refile or aggregate domestic or international traffic) on our network, or use the service we provide you (including the SIM card) in connection with a device that switches or reroutes calls to or from our network;
    2. Your volume and duration of calls or messages are not consistent with use by a single individual for business and/or personal use (e.g. call patterns evidencing non-stop use 24 hours per day);
    3. You have connected the service to a device which allows more than one person to make calls or send and receive messages using the service; or
    4. You have connected the service to a device which prolongs or controls calls using the service;
  2. If you are an excessive user of flat charge call offers we may ask you to reduce your use of these calls (outgoing or incoming). If usage continues at an excessive level following this request, we may refuse you access to these Offers.

C. Unreasonable Use

  1. In addition, and without limiting our rights under our Business terms, if you resell the service or utilise the service in some fashion which makes you a Carriage Service Provider, this will constitute unreasonable use.
  2. In addition, and without limiting our rights under our Acceptable Use Policy, if you use the service to break any State or Commonwealth law including using the service the to harass, menace or offend this will constitute unreasonable use.
  3. If you are found to engage in unreasonable use of the service, the service will be terminated pursuant to our Business Terms.