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Disability Assistance Policy

We recognise that many Australians may have disabilities which may require special or additional assistance when purchasing or using one of our products or services.

Firstly, you must disclose to us if you have special needs. If you do have special needs, we will assess if our service is suitable for you. We may then either elect to provide you a service, not provide you a service or recommend another carrier which can assist you. For example, if you have diminished mental capacity, we may not permit you to purchase a service on the basis that you are unable to excercise informed consent in entering into a contract.

In recognitation of this, the following information is available to assist persons with special needs:

  • Priority Assistance: This is a special service for persons with life threatening medical conditions. Only a small number of carriers can provide 'Priority Assistance' for life threatening medical conditions being those registered under industry code ACIF C609:2007. These carriers include Telstra, M2 and Primus Telecom. We do not provide 'Priority Assistance' and therefore our Home Phone service is not suitable for customers with life threatening medical conditions. If you require this service, do not subscribe to a product with us or any other carrier which is not registered under the code.
  • Hearing impairment: The National Relay Service (NRS) can assist customers communicating with us by telephone who have hearing impairment. We have assisted may customers using the NRS and we welcome calls from this service. For more information visit: relayservice.gov.au.