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Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Rights and Responsibilities

You will:

  • Provide all requisite information as requested by customer service staff
  • Comply and perform any and all tasks required by customer service staff
  • Behave at all times in a courteous, reasonable and polite manner
  • Comply with our acceptable use policy and terms and conditions
We will:
  • Provide responses to technical and billing support enquiries within the documented boundaries
  • Provide polite, courtesy and reasonable assistance when attending to enquiries
  • Direct you to other sources of assistance for enquiries outside of our support boundaries
If you breach our customer service policy or acceptable use policy, your service may be terminated.

Customer Service Support Boundaries

Our boundaries for customer support are as follows:

Email Configuration of a supported desktop email client (as outlined in our Internet setup guides) with the relevant settings for a Beagle Internet mailbox used while connected to a Beagle Internet access service.
Dial-up Configuration of a supported operating system (as outlined in our Internet setup guides) so that you are able to send a test packet (ping) to a device on the Internet using the DNS name and IP address. Customer computer must have a functional, configured and working dial-up modem. We will not install or fix problems with computer hardware such as dial-up modems.
ISDN Provision of ISDN DoV dial-up service and supply of correct telephone number and authentication credentials. No support is provided for configuration of routers or terminal adapters.
Web hosting Provision of DNS zone file, virtual web server configuration, web hosting space and supply of correct authentication credentials. No support is provided for any other issues such as problems with content, web programming, etc.
ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband Provision of an ADSL broadband service where DSL sync is present on the telephone line. For customers who bring their own modem, our support boundary is the establishment of a PPP session on your modem. We will assist you to configure your own modem and PC on a best efforts basis.

For customers who purchase a modem from us, our support boundary is the ability to send a test packet (ping) a device on the Internet using both the DNS name and IP address from a computer connected via an Ethernet cable.

No support is provided for setting up wireless connections to ADSL or ADSL2+ routers under any circumstances.

If a fault exists with your ADSL service, we may ask you to perform a number of tests and also if necessary lodge a fault with Telstra.

Please be aware that Telstra support only up to the network boundary point (NBP). This is your first telephone socket in a stand alone dwelling or the interconnection point at the main distribution frame (MDF) of a multi-dwelling building. Anything further from this point is the customer's responsibility.

If Telstra discover that the fault exists in your premises or no fault exists, you may be charged an incorrect call out fee.
Broadband equipment Any faulty equipment originally purchased from Beagle Internet within the warranty period is to be returned to the manufacturer using the standard RMA (return manufacturer authority) process once we have determined that we believe that your equipment is faulty.

You may be liable for return or other fees from the manufacturer if it is found that your equipment is damaged due to misuse.
3G Wireless Broadband Our support boundary is that you are able to establish a connection on a single computer from any location with suitable 3G coverage and you are able to send a test packet (ping) to a device on the Internet using the DNS name and IP address.
Billing Explanation of charges on an invoice. Explanation of the billing process and credit management processes.

Our Customer Service Ethos

At Beagle, we provide personalised and agile customer service. In doing so, we adopt the approach that the truth is always right.

While, there are many organisations that subscribe to the view that customer is always right approach, we think this is counter productive.

If there is an issue with your service, we will work with you to diagnose the issue. If the issue is within our realm of control, we'll acknowledge it, and then tell you when it will be fixed. However, if the issue is in the customer's realm of control, we will advise the customer of the issue and how it can be resolved. There is little or no value to the customer in not directly assisting them in resolving the issue, rather than just lip service. If either the customer or the service provider don't tell the truth, neither will ever be satisfied with the result!

Our customers are fanatic about our customer service for this reason. Here's a real case study why.

Customer Service Case Study

The following case study is a real example of how a service issue was resolved for a customer:

    Robert* runs a lodge in Melbourne near a University. He provides Internet access to his tenants so they can perform relevant study and research activities. Robert is having trouble with his current ADSL2+ provider in terms of drop outs. Robert calls Beagle sales and advises that he wishes to switch providers because of the drop outs.

    Beagle Sales staff advise Robert that switching providers is unlikely to resolve drop outs as these are caused by underlying issues with the telephone line or customer equipment. Robert acknowledges this and indicates he wants to switch anyway as he's exhausted every possible avenue with his current provider over the past two months.

    After Robert's service is moved over, he continues to have drop outs, as expected. Robert calls Beagle Support and we ask him to do an isolation test. After some time, we discover that Robert has a phone in his house without an ADSL2+ line filter on it. We advise Robert to remove this phone or place a filter on it otherwise we will not be able to troubleshoot further.

    Robert removes the phone and monitors the service for a few days. The drop outs still occur but are less frequent. Robert calls us again. After performing further analysis, Beagle support refer to the fault to Telstra. Telstra send out a technician and find a damaged joint in the street and repair it. Robert now has a fault free service with happy lodgers no longer giving him grief daily about his Internet service.

    * Customer name and location has been changed.

Why is this an important case study? Simple, Robert was up-front about his problem during the sales process, and we provided him truthful advice. Throughout the support process, Robert performed all required tests by Beagle without interference which allowed us to correctly diagnose the problem. The problem was fixed by a combination of the customer connecting his equipment properly and the line carrier resolving a fault. If Robert had not followed our advice, he would still have the phone connected to the line without a filter which would call drop outs.

If both Beagle and Robert weren't truthful about the process, he still would have had the ongoing issue like he did for the past two months with his previous ISP.