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Acceptable Use / Fair Use Policy

You must comply with our Fair Use / Acceptable Use Policy. If you do not comply you will be in breach of our Business Terms.

  1. You must not be discourteous, abusive, threatening or make use of profanity when communicating with us.
  2. You must keep passwords secure and not expose them to any third parties.
  3. You must not breach any Commonwealth, State or Federal laws in the use of services including but not limited to unauthorised access of computer systems.
  4. You must not attack, port scan or harass other members of the Internet.
  5. You must not send unsolicited communication using mechanisms such as email, text message or voice call.
  6. You must comply with the Spam Act 2003 and Telecommunications Act 1997.
  7. You must not forge or fake your identity
  8. You must use any resources in a reasonable, fair and equitable way so as to not degrade the service of other customers.
  9. We may delete any email messages stored and/or sent by you that:
    1. Exceed ten (10) megabytes in size;
    2. Are marked as deleted by the subscriber;
    3. Are older than sixty (60) days; or
    4. Are marked as unsolicited email (Spam) by us and have been stored for a period of at least seven (7) days.
  10. We may also delete any web page content and/or files stored by the subscriber that exceeds their alloted quota as defined by the appropriate plan terms.
  11. You must not attack or attempt to subvert our systems or processes.