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Apple Mail

Click the Mail icon from the bottom tool bar dock. The Mail Setup window will become visible as below:

Enter your full name into the Your Name dialog box. This is the name other people will see when you email them. For example, Elton John. Now enter your email address into the Email Address and User Account ID dialog boxes. This is the username you selected at startup followed by the domain @beagle.com.au. For example, elton@beagle.com.au. Then enter your password into the Password dialog. Finally, enter the hostname smtp.beagle.com.au into the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server and click OK.

You may then be asked to enter your key chain phass-phrase. Enter your key chain pass-phrase or if you do not know it, simply click Cancel. You may also be prompted if you wish to import another mailbox. Typically, you will want to click No.

You will then enter the Inbox screen for Apple Mail. Click Mail from the top menu and then Preferences and you will see the following screen:

Select the Beagle account and click Edit. You will then see the properties screen.

If using Mac OS X 10.1:

Select the Use authentication when sending mail setting and enter your Beagle username and password into the SMTP User and SMTP Password and then click OK.

If using Mac OS X 10.3 or higher:

Click the Server Settings.. button and you will see the following screen:

Ensure the server port is set to 25 and there is no tick in the Use Secure Scokets Layer option. Choose Password from the Authentication drop-down menu and enter your full Beagle Internet mailbox username (email address) and password into the appropriate fields and click OK.

You are now ready to send and receive email!