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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Answers

Q. Can I see my calls itemized?  

A. Yes. Please visit www.beagle.com.au, click 'my account' and login with your telephone number (e.g 029123456@beagle.com.au) and password.

You will then see a 'Display Service Usage' link. You can then see all your itemized calls including their cost. Call information is updated when received from our carrier which is approximately every 24 hours.

Q. Are my calls on a single bill?  

A. Yes. Your calls are displayed on a single bill with your broadband service. You can also request separate bills if required for tax purposes.

All timed calls are itemized on the bill and all local calls are aggregated into a single entry displaying how many calls, the rate and the cost.

Q. Your call rates are very low, is this a VoIP service?  

A. No. This is a true PSTN (public switched telephone network) home phone service supplied using Telstra equipment.

Q. How can I view my call rates?  

A. You can see all of your call rates in the 'my account' section of our website by clicking on your service and then chosing View Rates.