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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting Answers

Q. What is Beagle personal web hosting?  

A. Beagle provides all of our customers with space on our servers to host your own personal web page. You can use it to share files or make your own personal home page.

Q. What limits are imposed on personal web hosting?  

A. You can store a total of 50Mbytes worth of pictures, text and files on your web space. Your web space can not be used to host illegal content. Use is subject to the Beagle Acceptable Usage Policy and the relevant Commonwealth and State Statues such as the Commonwealth Broadcasting Services Act Ammendment (2000).

Q. How can I access my content on my personal web space?  

A. You can use an FTP client such as CuteFTP or use Microsoft Frontpage. Configure it to log into users.beagle.com.au with your primary account email address as your username (the one you use to dial into beagle) and password. The FTP service runs on TCP port 21.

You can then visit your website by browsing to http://users.beagle.com.au/yourusername

Q. What facilities are supported on the my Beagle personal web space?  

A. We support SSI (server side includes) and PHP5. ASP and CGI are not supported for security reasons.

Q. I need more space on my website. What should I do?  

A. Please contact our sales staff with your requirements.

Q. Can I use my own domain name and host a virtual website on Beagle?  

A. Yes, please contact us by email or telephone.