Q. How does Beagle's Anti-Spam protection work?

A. Beagle use advanced Anti-Spam technology to perform analysis on all incoming messages. If a message is detected as Spam, it is placed in a separate Mail folder called 'Spam' accessible only via Beagle WebMail.

You may log into webmail by clicking the 'webmail' link from the menu and then enter your username and password. From there, click on Folders and select the Spam folder. If you do not see a Spam folder, then click 'Show Unsubscribed' in the Folder Navigator. Then click the tick box for Spam and select 'Subscribe to Folder' from the 'Choose Action' Drop down box. Then click on the Spam folder to see the messages in the Folder.

You should check this folder once every so often to ensure that any mailing list or legitimate email that you might get is not being filled into this folder. Anti-spam technology is not perfect, and some genuine email is often marked as Spam. Messages older than 14 days are automatically removed from this folder.

You can alter the aggressiveness of the Spam filter or switch it off completely using the 'Mailbox Controls' feature after logging into the 'My Account' section of our website with your mailbox username and password (not customer number). If you would like a particular sender whitelisted, please email a copy of the message with full headers to support.