Q. What is the rapid transfer process?

A. The rapid transfer 'churn' process is the process implemented by Telstra Wholesale to switch between ISPs.

When you sign-up with us, we send your request to Telstra Wholesale. They then analyse the request and send us back an estimated date of cut over. When then advise you of this by SMS text message. This usually happens the same day you sign-up.

It then usually takes a total of 3 business days to switch to our service.

On the day your service is switched, your existing ISP service will stop working and then you simply need to reconfigure your modem with the new username and password and you will then be reconnected with our service.

If you are upgrading to ADSL2+ at the same time, the process is the same with the exception of 5% of cases where your telephone line needs to be moved from once piece of equipment to another inside the Telstra exchange. In these cases, the process takes 4 business days in total with a 1 day service interruption.

Telstra Wholesale notifies your existing ISP that you have left their service but you should still contact them to ensure that they stop billing you, etc.